How to Convert a Man’s Shirt into a Sexy Dress

How to Convert a Man’s Shirt into a Sexy Dress 1


When something in fashion is clever, it seldom goes away for long, as is the case of wearing a man’s shirt as a dress. The transformation isn’t as simple as just wearing the shirt with a belt, oh no, that is too simple. It was first noticed on the Internet back in 2008 when a video appeared on YouTube. Between 2009 and 2011 a number of similar videos appeared. Then, for some reason, the most popular video appeared in 2011, titled – How a Girl Should Put a Man’s Shirt. We have always liked this fashion idea at Stylish Eve, and even back then we didn’t think it would be the first time we would see it. The great thing about using a man’s shirt to create a dress is that surprisingly, there is appreciably more than one way to wear it.

So the basic things to know are this. The longer the shirt the better – try and persuade your husband or boyfriend to buy a long-fitting shirt next time. The second thing to remember is that the shirt must be a long-sleeved one – a short-sleeve shirt just won’t work. You can see the results achieved for Brit + Co when they asked fashion stylist, Misty Spinney, to create 10 great looks using the one blue check pattern shirt. The choice of what to do next is up to you. You can wrap the arms round your back and then round to the front again, tying them in a neat bow. Alternatively you can tie the arms in a double bow at the back. Of course you can have the buttons at the front, or create a straight neckline if you have the buttons at the back. Use a really long shirt as a dress in its own right, or accessorize a shorter one with shorts, boots and some great jewelry.


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