How to Brush your Baby’s Teeth

Brushing babys teeth

With all the information that is available out there on caring for your baby it is difficult to know what’s best. We never like to preach or tell you there is an exact way to do anything where your child is concerned, we just like to share the occasional item with you that we think you will, at the very least, find interesting and informative. We are quite fond of instruction videos provided by those who clearly know what they are talking about, such as how to bathe your baby. It may seem something trivial, but we were thrilled with the response we got from so many of you thanking us for providing such a good video. As a result we discovered two excellent videos we felt would help you with a task that will arise when your baby gets older, and that is how to clean their teeth.

In the first video, Dr. Aaron D. Johnson gives some very sound advice on how to go about choosing the right toothbrush and how to make it a pleasant experience for your baby. What we liked about this video the most is that it was all based on common sense. There was nothing scary and no sense of telling you there are a hundred ways you could do this wrong but only one way to get it right. The message is simple – it is not difficult to get it right, and we like that.

Our second video is also to help put your mind at ease. All too often there are videos of ‘professionals’ showing us all how to do something, but often it is difficult to find one showing how we ‘amateurs’ may do the same thing. Fortunately for us ‘realdadblog’ posted a really sweet video on YouTube showing us how he and his wife clean their baby’s teeth. We also did a bit of research as we noticed that neither the doctor nor the parents seemed to be using toothpaste. Because fluoride can be harmful if ingested in quantities, it is suggested that toothpaste isn’t used before your child is two years old, and especially if you live in an area where your water is already fluoridated. Ultimately the principal lesson from this video is to get your baby used to having a tooth brush in its mouth and to have its gums gently massaged early on so teeth cleaning doesn’t cause a problem when the child is older.

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