How to Bake a Delicious Pink Zebra Cake

How to Successfully Bake a Delicious Pink Zebra Cake

To look at this zebra cake you could be mistaken for thinking that it will be too complicated for you to make. Well you wouldn’t be alone as that was our first thought when we began watching this YouTube video by Jen from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio. However in the six minutes she took to run through all the steps we began to realize just how simple the recipe is. This is one that we are convinced any of you could successfully try. If it doesn’t quite work out perfectly, at least like the recipe we recently ran for strawberry shortcake doughnut muffins, you will still have something delicious to eat! Jen is a great presenter who makes every step of the way crystal clear to save you any unnecessary confusion. In addition, despite the complicated look of this cake, there are not as many ingredients involved as you might think either.

The start to the video is very enticing with a great shot of how brilliant the inside of the cake looks – this isn’t just a plain sponge cake with a zebra style finish to it. Okay, that might just cause you to think you don’t have the skills to create something that looks so fabulous, but trust us, the way to create the multicolored layers is very logical, and far from complicated. We don’t want you to have disaster after disaster in the kitchen, we want you to grow in confidence and feel a great sense of achievement with any of the recipes we show you. Once you have completed the baking process, creating the striped covering looks quite daunting, yet again Jen makes it clear it is simple and straightforward. We also noted a really great comment left below the video from someone who suggested that the stripes for a tiger are not much different to those of a zebra. Swopping the pink for orange in the middle and using an orange buttercream for the outside could work just as well.

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