How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses? [Video]

How Long Can You Stand Puppy Kisses

What do you get if you take one over-affectionate puppy, a load of strangers, and a stopwatch? The answer is, the Roxy the Puppy Kissing Challenge. For some bizarre reason this puppy really has developed a penchant for kissing humans, and not just gently either. This is one very enthusiastic puppy when it comes to kissing people she likes, which would appear to basically be everyone! So what better opportunity to discover not only if certain people are more a dog lover than a cat lover, but to get them to prove it as well. From what we could make out, pretty much everyone was up for the challenge, though of course the video only shows those who agreed to take part. Perhaps there are another hundred people behind the scenes who declined the offer to be kissed by a dog, no matter the fact she is a sweet little dog rather than a large hairy mongrel.

We have seen dogs lick an ice cream with less enthusiasm than this little tyke. You would think all these people had just been eating beef jerky or something the way she can’t leave anyone’s mouth alone. Yes, we admit she is adorable, cute, sweet, fun and just about everything else a puppy is, but we’re not convinced we would want the close and personal attention of this pooch for a whole minute. Five seconds maybe…..but not a whole minute! So how did our contestants fair? Well surprisingly there was one clear winner, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out who it was and how long they lasted.

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