How ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) Can Save Your Baby’s Life [Video]

How ISR Can Save Your Baby’s Life

As parents there are a thousand-and-one things we have to worry about when it comes to our children. If you have a pool, or your neighbor does, then that is one extra thing to worry about. All too often we hear or read of tragic accidents where babies and young children have drowned in unattended pools. Until recently we had not been aware that there was anything you could do, other than be super-vigilant, to prevent such a terrible thing happening. Yes, you can fence in the pool area, but people do have a habit of leaving gates open for ‘just 5 minutes’. In addition you can’t ask your neighbor to fence their pool in if they don’t want to. However there is now an incredible solution and one we are all surprised isn’t more commonly known about. At Stylish Eve we have decided to make it a bit of a mission to tell all our followers that there is something you can do to increase your baby’s level of safety around water, and it is called ISR, or Infant Swimming Resource.

Put into the simplest of terms, you can’t actually explain to a 6-month-old baby what to do when they fall in a swimming pool, but a ten minute lesson every day for five weeks will create an instinctive reaction from your child if they ever fall into a pool or deep water. In the video we have a perfectly ‘normal’ setting where a toddler walks out of the patio doors just because for ‘two minutes’ someone takes their eye of him. The next thing you know and the baby has tumbled head-first in to the pool. And then comes the truly remarkable thing. Rather than panic and thrash around, the baby knows to automatically roll onto its back and adopt a floating position, one he seems perfectly capable of holding for a very long time. At one point you could be forgiven for thinking that the baby might be a little distressed being left alone looking up at the sky, but to see his face when his dad comes along and picks him up tells you a totally different story. What an incredible thing to be able to teach a baby how not to drown!

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