House of a Designer in Different Styles

House of a Designer in Different Styles 1

If you want a nontraditional house that includes different styles, check this one out! This is a designer’s house that combines various styles in a decorative way that makes the whole scene integrated and acceptable. The whole apartment comes in white which is such a basic color that can easily incorporate some other colors and let the whole place look more spacious and bright. The living room includes two grey sofas with printed cushions on them, which add a wonderfully colorful look to the room. You will also find that various statues, plants, and portraits are added to decorate the room. Although the sofas are modern, a classic golden armchair is added next to them making a total change in style, but matching the overall ambiance. A simple dining set is added behind the sofas, and beside them you can also see a classic sofa that looks great. The kitchen is totally crazy! You can see chairs in totally different colors, and the backsplash of the kitchen is made of square tiles of different patterns making the backsplash totally crazy. The house includes a small terrace that comes in crazy colors, and the flooring is made of wood panels that are lacquered for a colorful touch, and some printed cushions are also added on the white sofa for an awesome touch of color.

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