H&M Kids “Summer Feeling” Collection 2013

HM Kids Summer Feeling Collection 2013 1

“Summer Feeling” is another kids’ collection from H&M; the name itself reveals it all!! It is a new clothing collection presented by H&M so that all kids can enjoy summer vacation and activities. As usual, the collection includes awesome pieces that both girls and boys can enjoy, and H&M describes this collection as “soft, pretty, patterned and colorful”; this is totally true. “Summer Feeling”, provides girls with tops, dresses, sandals, jackets, shorts, blouses, rompers, hats, high tops, ballet flats, and leggings. All pieces come in totally girlish and colorful styles and prints. You’ll find ribbons, polka dots, stripes, flowers and butterflies – the main patterns that all little girls adore!!

On the other hand, little boys will get to be stylish this summer as they’ll find t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sneakers, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even sunglasses. This way you’ll certainly get all what your kids might want from head to toe!! Regarding colors, you’ll find pink, red, blue, green, grey, black, white, and more. Some pieces are available in more than one color to choose the one that looks best on your kid. Finally, the great thing about this collection is that it includes pieces suitable for kids aged from (18m) to (14y+)!! Now keep your kids stylish in summer and get them some of these great pieces.










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