H&M Kids “Shorts & Dresses” Spring 2013 Collection

HM Kids Shorts Dresses Spring 2013 Collection 01

What’s better than shorts and dresses in the spring for kids?? Nothing actually! That’s why we are presenting you this great “Shorts & Dresses” collection by H&M for spring 2013 so that your kids can have the best style whether it’s a girl or a boy. This collection includes pieces suitable for kids ranging from (18m) to (14y+) years, which gives you a wide range to check out. For girls, the collection includes some cute shorts and dresses that come in great colors perfect for spring.

Concerning the girls’ shorts, they are available in two styles: soft jersey shorts, and cool cotton shorts. Both look awesome and come in wonderful colors such as pink, beige, navy, blue, yellow, and green, and you can see some prints like stripes and polka dots. Whereas, the dresses are totally adorable with their girlish colors and prints that will make your little girl rock the spring. Dresses come in fabulous prints such as stripes, floral patterns, polka dots, butterflies and leopards, and you will also see some plain ones. Concerning the design of the dresses, they either come in the form of sleeveless dresses with tiered hems, or in the form of short sleeved dresses with front buttons and a drawstring at the waist.

On the other hand, boys will also get to have some totally cute shorts that come in various lengths and colors. You will see shorts, chino shorts, denim shorts and knee-length shorts for boys at different ages. Colors include navy, beige, blue, red, green, grey, and turquoise. Concerning the shorts that are suitable for toddlers in the age range of 18m-8y, you will also find some cute prints like checks or all over prints. All pieces are made of cotton and organic cotton to be totally practical and safe for your kids.

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