Hilarious Prank When Dog Dressed as Spider Terrifies Passers-By

Spiderdog 1


We can’t help thinking someone was either very bored, or they simply have a crazy imagination. However we also can’t help but applaud the results of this remarkable prank. Who in their right mind would consider dressing a dog up in a realistic tarantula spider’s outfit and letting it loose on an unsuspecting public! The idea is just brilliant and we can’t also help avoid feeling that Chica the dogspider, who has over 100,000 Facebook fans, was having a great time too. It must have been quite a strange experience for the dog to find it had eight new legs surrounding it and we wondered about something else. If you watch quite carefully, the dog isn’t aggressive at all and in fact it is probably one of the friendliest dogs you could ever meet. We couldn’t imagine how the dog would have coped seeing people who would normally come up and pat it on the head this time running away as fast as they could with a look of horror on their face.

It was also a little concerning that the dog might also get attacked itself as not everyone is afraid of spiders, no matter how big they are. However it is clear from the video we found which was created by the renowned Polish prankster, Sylwester Wardega, that people react more quickly through instinct than rational thought processes. We had to ask ourselves how we would have reacted ourselves, and in the cold light of day it is easy to say we wouldn’t have been scared. But, if you look at the setting, it would seem that the location was not particularly well lit, and that may be one of the reasons this practical joke proved to be so successful. Whichever way you look at it, you now have two new sensations of the Internet, a dog dressed as a spider and a human being getting himself stuck in a fake spider’s web.




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