Hilarious Baby Dances to Beyoncé

Baby Dances to Beyoncé

Okay, we know this video is five years old, but sometimes, as the expression goes, ‘fame is temporary but class is permanent’. Well as this baby’s exploits have definitely passed the test of time, we have to admit it has class and we want to make sure that if you missed it first time round, you get to see it now. We probably have all heard Beyoncé’s Put a Ring on it and yes, it is so catchy it is hard not to tap your feet or start to sway a bit. However for such a young baby to sway so perfectly in time to the music is just so incredibly funny. With eyes clearly transfixed on the television this young person obviously has an instinctive inbuilt sense of rhythm. As time progresses the young child then begins to notice that there is more to the dance than originally anticipated, and you can see it trying to figure out exactly what next to do with its legs.

Babies are born performers and for some being onstage would seem to be a logical progression. Others just grow up and lose all sense of rhythm and timing. We suspect it is a little like all babies being born with an inbuilt reflex that enables them to swim, but which disappears and then has to be taught later on. Determined not to be defeated though, this lovely little baby decides to give us one last glimpse of how clever it is, just before the video ends, to make our day. Notice how its head starts to move from side to side, just the way Beyoncé does. Little things like that are utterly priceless.


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