Helen Mirren New Hair 2013

Helen Mirren New Hair 2013

Is it real? I mean isn’t there any tiny possibility that it’s just a wig?! Nope, right? It seems that it is 100% real!!! Ladies, why are you shouting? What? You don’t understand any word! Actually me neither! I mean that I’m going to tell you everything, but just be patient. And I’m going to start doing so with one question: Have you seen how Helen Mirren’s hair looked like at the BAFTAs 2013? Yes or no? Here we go, you are shouting again! My dear readers, stop it, I will just consider that your answer is no!

So let me tell you the whole story! The 67-year-old multi-talented star showed off new hair on the BAFTAs red carpet. Yes, ladies, new hair means both a new color and ‘do, as well. Which one do you want me to reveal first?! I, myself, prefer to tell you the ‘do that Mirren opted for first. Why? My precious fans, just wait and you are going to know why by yourselves!! Whatever! The “RED 2” star has ditched her short bob cut for a pixie cut. What a nice surprise, isn’t it?! Of course it is!

I do hear some of you asking about her new hair color, right? Okay, ladies, I want to tell you that Helen has dyed her spectacular and elegant white blonde hair locks candy-cotton pink!! So, so shocking, isn’t it?! That’s why I started with the do, my precious readers! Anyways, let me admit that the star looks more youthful, stylish and gorgeous while debuting this new hair. I know that it’s difficult to accept that, but what can we do about it? Nothing, I guess!

By the way, another thing that you need to know about this makeover – specifically the color – is that Sophie Sumner, the winner of the “America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion”, was the inspiration for the star’s newly debuted ‘do!! I think that there is nothing else left for us to say about this drastic makeover. So goodbyes, my dear readers, and don’t forget to tell us: Do you love or loathe it?



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