Heartbreaking Moment Dying Cancer Patient Says Goodbye to Her Favorite Horse

Dying Cancer Patient Says Goodbye to Her Favorite Horse
Image Credits: BBC
Image Credits: BBC

Seldom do you come across images that are so touching as the ones here of Sheila Marsh and her horse Bronwen. This is a story which has touched the hearts of so many in the United Kingdom, and seen many a tear shed at the impact of such a beautiful and tender moment. Sheila was dying from cancer and had only a short time left to live. All her life she had been an animal lover and up until the time she was taken ill, she had six horses, three dogs, three cats and various other animals. For twenty-five years she had cared for Bronwen, her favourite horse, at her home in Wigan, Lancashire, having come across the horse as a foal when she worked at Merseyside’s Haydock racecourse.

Image Credits: BBC
Image Credits: BBC

When in hospital and as her health began to deteriorate rapidly, she made a final request, to see her beloved horse Bronwen one last time. Her daughter, together with the staff and nurses from Wigan Infirmary, set about finding a way to fulfil her last wish, and on Monday last week everything was put into place. For an hour before seeing Bronwen, Mrs Marsh had enjoyed the company of one of her dogs who slept beside her in the hospital. The reunion with Bronwen was an emotional moment for everyone concerned – her daughter and hospital staff alike. According to Gail Taylor, bereavement liaison specialist nurse, said: “The nursing staff wheeled Sheila down the corridor in her bed to the entrance…. Bronwen walked steadily towards Sheila and she gently called to Bronwen and the horse bent down tenderly and kissed her on the cheek as they said their last goodbyes.” We are sorry to say that a few hours after these photographs were taken, Mrs Marsh very sadly passed away.

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