Halle Berry Hairstyles

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Do you remember “The cat woman”??,, of course you do, I know none can forget it.. It was full of action and motion, I love that movie.. It’s…, What am I saying??? sorry I thought myself a cinema critic or something.. Just forgive me!!.. I mean Do you remember the star of “the cat woman” movie??, she’s Halle Berry, anyway!.. Halle Berry is one of those Hollywood star who has very cute face and sexy look. Halle Berry is known to have a high sense of fashion.. She always looks in stunning and elegant way.. Halle Berry hair is one of the perfect piece of her stunning overall look.. Halle Berry’s worn many different hairstyles and they all have very glamorous and chic look.. Halle has cut her hair into various haircuts.. Halle has started with a long haircut and then has cut hair into short and even shorter… Halle’s short haircuts can be considered one of the most elegant short hairstyles worn by Hollywood stars… Halle’s hair has been colored into various colors, but most of times, it has been colored into the brunette color with all its different shades… So, You can say that Halle is like an encyclopedia of hairstyles, especially the short ones. So, let’s start looking at that encyclopedia!!.. For long haircut, Halle has worn different hairstyles; the formal hairstyles to the casual ones.. For example, Halle has worn the straight hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles, the curly hairstyles, the ponytails, the buns hairstyles and the formal up-dos hairstyles.. On the other hand, for her various short haircuts, Halle has worn the boyish pixie-cut hairstyles and the short bob hairstyles.. Halle has worn those hairstyles in very various ways and forms.. I think she’s one of the short haircuts admirers and that makes her to invent her own short hairstyle which had the following look; longer layers on top, combined with short layers on the sides and the bottom.. That’s Halle Berry’s named short haircut, has very bold and wild look. I think it’s not the only one which looks bold, most of Halle’s hairstyles are combining between the boldness and femininity. So, if you’re one of the bold and sexy looks admirer, then you may take Halle Berry as your role model.. If you’ve to decided to emulate any of her hairstyles, you must do that based on some preferences like your face shape, age, hair texture and also your personality.. You can’t just wear it and expect that it’d look perfect on you.. No, honey, it’s not that easy… Just wear the hairstyle that suits and expresses you and wait to see your self in stunning look that you’ve never expected.

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