Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

There’s nothing average about medium length hair. As a matter of fact, this length is actually quite versatile without too much nuisance. The best thing about medium length hair is probably the huge variety of styles and styling options. Another plus is that it doesn’t require as much commitment as long hair. With long hair, there’s always the chance of split ends and the extra hair care products you have to use. There’s no such thing with medium length hair. You get the advantages of long hair, without the disadvantages!

These days tousled hair with a mid-parting is the biggest trend and lucky for us, ladies, this trend is quite easy to achieve. You won’t have to spend hours in the bathroom to achieve this look. Here’s how to do it: After having washed your hair with a clarifying shampoo, run a conditioning styling cream through it and just let it air-dry while you get dressed. In the meantime, you could do your makeup or grab something to eat.

Most importantly, try not to touch your hair while your hair dries to avoid causing frizz. If your medium length haircut has lots of layers, then it might be easier if you follow these steps to achieve a tousled effect: Run just a dot of anti-frizz cream through hair from root to tip. Then proceed with blow-drying nothing but your roots and bangs with a round brush. Make sure to leave the ends damp; they will add texture to the look.

Of course if you want to go for a sleek look, then this is possible too. Make sure to add some shine serum on your damp hair before starting your styling. Simply blow dry your locks and finish off by flat-ironing them. You could add some heat protection before applying the flat-iron to keep your hair from becoming bristle. When talking about medium length hairstyles, there’s one style we simply have to mention. ‘The Rachel’ was and still is one of the most popular medium length haircuts and will probably continue to be so.

Lots of girls go to the hairdresser with a picture of the popular Friends character and want exactly the same cut. When looking at the so called ‘Rachel’ haircut it is understandable why this style is so popular, it is somehow sexy, chic, stylish and contemporary all at once. Tired of having your hair in your face? Simply go for a braid. An intricate fishtail braid in the back or a simple, loose braid on the side; both look equally good and nonchalant. There you have it girls, with this length there is a seemingly endless list of possibilities.

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