The Hairstylist Tabatha Coffey

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The Australian hair stylist, salon owner “for men & women” & television personality is a brilliant hairstylist, as she has the strong characteristics that make her more successful where people take her advice & seek her for her brutal honesty & creative techniques that make her different. Tabatha got her chance to shine along other contestants at “Shear Genius” the reality TV show that focuses on hairstyling, and Tabatha took that chance & got her break which led to her own television show, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. The famous hairstylist has the magic touch & the ability to turn a train wreck into something brilliant; she always tackles all the big hair issues, gives great advice & solves all the hair color problems from blonde or gray hair maintenance to thinning hair. Some of Tabatha’s advices; -to dry your curly hair while keeping its luscious curls; bring a paper towel and squeeze your hair with it upwards from its end & for hair thinning; she recommends a hair care regimen along with eating healthier & taking Viviscal which is a natural supplement that promotes existing hair growth.

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