Hairstyle Magazines for Women

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Yesterday, I thought about the new portion of the hair industry which is the Hairstyle magazines. I had just thought why those magazines have been published??. I had asked myself one important and brief question and I’d like that you ask it to yourself too. The question is “Can you learn anything without using some sort of guide, reference or manual??”!.. Can you?!.. Of course not, neither you, me nor any body else can say that she is able to learn everything without having any type of guide.. That’s the same thing between you and your hair, you can’t ever say that you know everything in the whole world about the hair. I know that each woman of us has been born with that eager and total love towards her hair.. But none of us is a hair expert or professional!. So, you can’t say that you know every haircut, color, texture or style in the whole world. It doesn’t even stop at what you know and what you don’t!. Let’s assume that you know all the hairstyles, you’ll face another issues concerning your hair like; the choice of the perfect hairstyle for any face shape, any age, any occasion …etc. So, that were the main reasons for publishing those hair magazines.. Let’s talk a look at what are those magazines?? what do they offer?! and many other things. Let’s try to find an answer for the first question; “What are those hairstyle magazines?”.  You can say that the hairstyle magazines work as a guide for women about anything related to the hair not just the hairstyles and their latest trends.. Beside the hairstyles, those magazines also contain many articles that teach the women how to care about their hair, what the latest trends of the colors, the haircuts and also they include some feminine tips for each woman.. Those hairstyle magazines can be either printed, electronic / online magazines or may be both… There are two categories of those women’s hair magazines.. The First category contains those magazines which are totally general.. By general I mean that those have been created or published to be target for every woman regardless her age, hair color or skin color. So, whether you’re teenager or adult, you can read that magazine. Also, whatever your hair color is; black, brown, blonde or red, you’ll find everything you want in those magazines.. Briefly those hairstyle magazines are made to be the magazine for every woman. On the contrary, the second category includes those hair magazines which have been published to be a target just for certain woman’s age, hair color, skin-color. So, based on that you can find that there are teenager hairstyling magazines, young women hairstyle magazines or adult women hairstyle magazines. That category also includes some of those magazines which are published specially for the special occasions like; the wedding hairstyle magazines or the prom hairstyle magazines. Lastly, that category also includes some of those magazines which are created just for one reason which is to keep tracking the celebrities and their hairstyles & they’re called celebrity hairstyle magazines. Okay, I think by now you’ve known the definition of the hairstyles magazines, what they offer and also the main categories of them.. So, let’s take our final step and make a speedy tour on some magazines from the two categories. First, some examples of those general hairstyles magazines are; Hair’s How magazine, Hype Hair magazine, Nylon magazine, American Salon magazine, Salon magazine, Instyle magazine, Hairmode magazine and La Coiffure De Paris magazine. Okay, let’s move to the next and final category to mention some names of its magazines… Okay! don’t hurry me. Some examples of those special targeted magazines are; Celebrity Hairstyle magazine, Black Hair Styles and Care Guide magazine, Bridal Star Hairstyles magazine, Seventeen magazine and More magazine. Those magazines I mentioned are considered as just small percentage of the number of magazines that exist nowadays.. So, after knowing about those magazines, you don’t have to stay in front of TV waiting for some fashion show to be broadcasted so you can figure out what the new trends about the hair.. You don’t have to do that anymore, you’ve the magazines just use them.. Remember that you’re free either to buy the printed versions or to check the e-versions of those magazines…. I think my role has finished by that, but I want to tell you one more thing “Just track & learn” …

Hairstyles Magazines for women

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