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Hair games, are a new type of games which invade our world these days. There are hair games for both females and males. By the way, by female I mean the little girls, the teenagers to the adult women and by males I mean the little boys, the teenagers to the adult men. Hair games is either a web based application or a free downloaded application. These days, We (males and females) use this type of games very widely. What does this kind of game offer??!. You can get it very easily from its name, it can offer many virtual services related to the hair or generally the head part. They are being used either to try different haircuts, different hairstyles, any celebrity hairstyles or even to try the different hair colors. You can easily turn your hair from long hair to medium or short hair and vice versa. You can also try million colors virtually without any harm to your hair. You can try also many hairstyles without holding your hair curler or the straighter machine. On the other hand , there are new generation of those games. This new generation is not only concerned with the hair but also with the face too. It can offer services like trying the make-up on, changing the eye brows beside the old services!!. The main Question is “Why does this type of games become very popular? “. The answer is very easy, it just makes us feel and act like professional hairdressers, hairstylists and even like hair experts!. Some examples of these games are: the famous star doll yahoo game, the hair dress up game and a lot uncountable examples. You can say that it’s turned from being just an entertainment tool to a very motivated tool. Despite the services they offer, they are a very time wasteful tools. Why I consider them though?! in my opinion, you are just wasting your time by playing it as you just playing!!. Whatever my opinion about those type of games is, they still and will become more and more popular among the upcoming days.

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