Guerlain’s New Pucci Makeup Collection

Guerlain brings every lady with a craving for a perfect complexion a new Pucci touch to Guerlain’s products. This collection was designed by Emilio Pucci along with Guerlain’s makeup artist Olivier Echaudemaison, which counts as their second collaboration, but this time the New Pucci collection was inspired by the “winter Capri” print, that’s taken from the Italian ready-to-wear brand’s archive. New Pucci makeup collection has warm, natural colors in its products; colors in different shades like orange, brown, pink, beige, white & blue, & the collection focuses on enhancing your natural radiance whether you wanted a tanned tone or a light radiant skin tone. Guerlain’s makeup always fixates on giving you a perfect skin complexion that makes you shine day & night. New Pucci collection includes Météorites Perles d’Azur Illuminating Powder in Pure Radiance shade that’s composed of six colored little pearls that give you an even tan & a skin glow, while being enriched with blue pearls for corrective effect. The second unique makeup item is the Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush that gives you Guerlain’s Terracotta powder & Emilio Pucci’s iconic prints combined together in a lightweight 4 shade formula that helps you get an even tone skin complexion when you use it as a powder, & gives you the perfect tan & glow when you use it as a blush. For applying any of Guerlain’s powders or blushes, the New Pucci collection includes a PINCEAU Powder Brush that has natural midnight blue bristles, which subtly crush the Météorites Perles d’Azur pearls or pick up just the right amount of Terra Azzurra Powder, & this perfect brush comes in a Pucci print pouch that adds to your style.

Guerlain New Pucci Makeup Collection 1

Guerlain New Pucci Makeup Collection 2

Guerlain New Pucci Makeup Collection 3

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