Guerlain New Fall Makeup Collection

Guerlain New Fall Makeup Collection

Guerlain will make you sexy & fiery, this fall, with a new lipstick & blush that will both help you have the warm look when you want to, & the wild look when you want to. You’ll love this collection because it brings you the makeup action in advanced & stylish cases that you’ll have safely intact in your purse, and ready to use at any time.

The first part of Guerlain’s new fall makeup collection is Rouge G L’Extrait crème de rouge matte color that has a non-sticky & a non-feathering lasting, creamy texture, with a formula that gives you rejuvenated & smooth desirable lips, the Rouge G has a new case with double mirrors that will give you the chance to apply this flattering liquid rouge anywhere & at any time while having a graceful style. Rouge G L’Extrait offers you different shades for your pleasure like; Avarice M06 that has a brownish tint, Colere M25 that has a red tint, Luxure M27 that has more of a reddish orange tint, Envie M41 that has a coral pink tint, Paresse M65 that has a dark shade of pink, Gourmandise M71 that’s more of a bright pink color, & the last in the Rouge G shades is the Orgueil M69 that has a purple tint.

The second & final item included in Guerlain’s fall collection is Rose aux Joues Blush Duo that comes in a luxurious case, which holds the color duo blush & Guerlain’s dense, tapered brush that provides you with a precise application over your cheekbones. The colors that Guerlain has put together for the blush duo come in matching colors, with one shade lighter than the other. The shades that Guerlain picked for this Blush Duo are; Peach Boy, Red Hot, Golden High, Chic Pink, Over Rose, & Pink Punk, which all vary from the pink shades to the peach shades with bright & warm touches.

Lips & cheeks are the main focus for Guerlain this fall as they’ll show your glow during rainy days. Whether you’re going to work or going out on a date, Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait & Rose aux Joues will be your best friends this fall.

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