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Gucci’s Fall 2018

gucci heads

Gucci’s Fall 2018

Gucci is taking the runway, not to another level this time, but to a completely another dimension, as Milan has witnessed recently a bizarre Fall-Winter 2018 show that has strutted down everyone.

The designer, Alessandro Michele, has accessorized his models with entities out of this world. A model holding a dragon pet, a model carrying her heard, another in a mesh cover-up, and one with a unibrow.

Creepy, right?

The event featured a Cyborg theme, representing a “figure that can overcome the dualism and dichotomy of identity”, with the help of props such as, faun horns and operating tables.

Michele has cooperated with Makinarium, a Rome-based special effects company, to help with making the heads, horns and dragons. Besides, Makinarium has mentioned that the collection of props took six months of making.

However, these fantastical props never overshadowed the actual clothing, which varied from denim coats to high-waisted shorts and super refined velvet dresses. Not only that but also a host of silver necklaces, gold earrings and mental-framed glasses gave the models a very vivid and picturesque offset.

Gucci’s Fall 2018 runway show, with no doubt, was an inovation and more of an entertainment show, whether you agree or not, it was as bizarre and peculiar as nothing else.

Here are the most 5 bizarre things that audience has witnessed:

1- Starting from the invitation.

Aside from it being in a plastic bag, it was a timer counting down to the date of the show.

Image Source: Gucci

2- The Surgical-Looking Set.

Just another horror story.

Image Source: Gucci

3- Models carrying their head.


gucci head solo
Image Source: Gucci

gucci heads

4- Have I mentioned the baby dragon?



5- Forget the over-plucked eyebrows.

00 story gucci unibrow
Image Source: Vogue

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