Gucci Flora for Women

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The eau de parfum & eau de toilette are both based on the same floral fruity fragrance with a difference in strength & concentration that you’ll find it more in the eau de parfum, but you’ll find them both have; top notes of “Citruses, peony, Mandarin Orange”, heart notes of “Osmanthus, rose” & base notes “Sandalwood, Patchouli, Pink Pepper”. The first edition of the fragrance was the eau de toilette that arrived to the markets on April 2009, & then the second edition hit the markets on January 2010 in a deeper & more seductive scent that was created by Frida Giannini who was inspired by Gucci floral pattern used first as a scarf for Grace, Princess of Monaco. It’s there for you at all times in perfumes, purse spray, perfumed body lotion, deodorant & perfumed body bath, which gives you the most use out Gucci Flora, so whenever you step out of the shower or just moisturizing your skin to keep it beautiful & soft you’ll smell like you were just bathing & hydrating your skin in Gucci Flora eau de toilette or eau de parfum.

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