Gucci Clothing for Women

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You’re more than original with Gucci collection of women’s ready to wear, you’re inspiring & a fashion setter, because Gucci’s brand is more than just clothes. You’ll find a collection that represents the best of you in elegance, playfulness & attractive blossom that makes shine as you walk in any place. Gucci dresses collection has; long sleeve crew neck dress with deocoratif print, one strap gowns with flower brooch, front wrap gown with flower brooch, strapless dress, tri-color sleeveless dress with pleated skirt, v-neck dress & two layer skirt dress. Bikinis for summer like; triangle top bikini, gathered bikini with metal bamboo detail. Tops like; short sleeve top, deep neck sleeveless top, v-neck tie top, sailor neck top, loose short sleeve turtleneck top, double front shirt with floral print, short sleeve boat neck top, guru shirt, turtleneck sweater, tie collar shirt with animal print, bi-color drape neck top or double front shirt with floral print. As for the skirts you’ll find; belted mini skirt, bi-color pleated skirt or straight skirt. Jackets & coats like; boxy crew neck jacket, long double breasted coat, v-neck cardigan, two pocket knit jacket, patch pocket coat, short jacket, jacket with leather collar, two layer caban with deocoratif print, quilted leather biker jacket, leather jacket with tie belt. Pants like; Riding pant, bandeaux pocket pants, holiday pants with floral print, belted pants, holiday pants, bandeaux pocket pants or coulisse jogging pants with tapestry print. Shorts like; belted shorts or patch pocket shorts. They all come in prints, patterns & solid mixed colors such as black & gold, white, yellow, cocoa, orange & purple.

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