Great Style for a Fun Range of Betsey Johnson Watches

Betsey JOhnson Watches 1


It’s always a good day for us at Stylish Eve when we come across something that makes us want to tell everyone about it, or on this case, ‘them’. It is always difficult to find a range of accessories, jewelry or watches that can have ‘mass market’ appeal, in other words, everyone will like them. Well we think we have found just the solution with these brilliant Betsey Johnson watches. We get the impression that Betsey just threw away the rule book and decided to infuse her own artistic style and temperament on the humble and practical watch, turning it instantly into an item of fashion and beauty, but not forgetting the necessary functionality. After all, what is the point of having any watch if it doesn’t accurately tell the time? We have assembled a selection of twenty of our favorite Betsey Johnson designs to show you just what we are talking about.


You might get carried away when you see these great designs and think to yourself “Wow! These look way out of my price range.” Well we respect the fact that price is relative to income, and not all our readers are millionaires, even though most would like to be. However we were pleasantly surprised to see that the price range for these watches was between $39.00 and $139.00. Now we reckon that at that price point all may not be a lost cause if you left hints lying round the house just before Christmas or your Birthday. Who can resist a pretty watch with a unique design, especially when it doesn’t break the bank? Whether you are the type to prefer the simple and cheerful designs, or the more complex ‘bejeweled’ watch designs, we’re pretty sure there is at least one in this selection you would be more than happy to have on your wrist.

















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