Great Stone Pathway Ideas

The leading path to your house, which could be a courtyard, or maybe even your backyard, must have a definite pathway for people to walk on. Stone is the best material in these cases because it is strong, comes in many shapes, and also looks very decorative. There are different ideas by which you can add a stone pathway in your house, and this post presents you some amazing ideas that will inspire you. You can make the pathway totally made of stone, or you can spread stones between grasses; just choose the style that looks best for you. Different stones are available out there for pathways; you can choose limestone, flagstone, or others. Set the stones in the design you like, and finally you can outline the pathway by trimming the grass around it to take the exact shape of the stones.

Great Stone Pathways 1

Great Stone Pathways 2

Great Stone Pathways 3

Great Stone Pathways 4

Great Stone Pathways 5

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