Great Kitchen Faucets and Sinks from IKEA

Every woman wants to make sure that she has the best in her kitchen, as it’s the place where she spends a lot of time. Sinks and faucets are really important in any kitchen, and choosing them well is a must. IKEA presents great Kitchen Faucets & Sinks that will be perfect in any kitchen and will ensure you the best quality that you need and will last with you for years.

IKEA presents different designs and types of sinks to get the best one for you, all faucets look amazing and can have single or double levers. IKEA faucets come with 10 year limited warranty and are made of brass, along with powder coating or chrome plating. Most of the faucets have high spouts, which makes them very effective especially when washing big pots. IKEA faucets come with different functions like reducing the water flow without having an effect on the pressure. IKEA also presents a detergent dispenser that looks awesome and can be easily put anywhere to supply you with detergent whenever you need it.

IKEA faucets 01

IKEA faucets 02

IKEA faucets 03

IKEA faucets 04

IKEA faucets 05

IKEA faucets 06

IKEA faucets 07

IKEA faucets 09

IKEA faucets 10

IKEA faucets 11

IKEA faucets 12

IKEA faucets 13

Concerning the sinks, there are different designs and sizes that are available at IKEA and you can easily choose the style that you are most comfortable with and that suits your kitchen. IKEA offers single or double bowl sinks to choose according to your needs, double bowl sinks can come in the form of corner sinks, which are very practical and look amazing. Some sinks include drainers where you can place dishes, cutlery, or cups and let them dry naturally. You can also find a sink with one and a half bowls which takes less space than the double one and can be very useful, as well. IKEA sinks come with 25 year limited warranty, and they are made of either stainless steel or ceramic; choose the preferred to you.

IKEA sinks 01

IKEA sinks 02

IKEA sinks 03

IKEA sinks 04

IKEA sinks 05

IKEA sinks 06

IKEA sinks 07

IKEA sinks 08

IKEA sinks 09

IKEA sinks 10

IKEA sinks 11

IKEA sinks 12

IKEA sinks 13

IKEA sinks 14

IKEA also presents some other useful stuff for kitchens like drainers, colanders, chopping boards, washing and rinsing baskets, and more stuff that are very useful in any kitchen.

IKEA sink accessories 01

IKEA sink accessories 02

IKEA sink accessories 03

IKEA sink accessories 04

IKEA sink accessories 05

IKEA sink accessories 06

IKEA sink accessories 07

IKEA sink accessories 08

IKEA sink accessories 09

IKEA sink accessories 10

IKEA sink accessories 11

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