Great DIY Room Decorating and Tidying Tips!

DIY Décor and Room Tidying Tips

What can we say? In our efforts to find you some easy, practical and great DIY decorating and room tidying ideas, we found three clever girls who between them seem to know all there is to know about these things. With over 9 million views on YouTube we feel that the ideas and tips contained in these videos will be right up your street and will have you rummaging around in your DIY toolkit the moment you have finished watching them. The best thing about all these tips and tricks is that they are thrifty. There is no need to rush down to the local DIY store to buy expensive materials or tools. These ideas are for each and every one of us who get more pleasure and satisfaction from having done or created something that would have cost a fortune if we had gotten someone else to do it. If you are new to DIY, just try one or two smaller projects that catch your eye. You will then grow in confidence when you realize just how much fun DIY is, after which you will be ready to take on slightly more challenging projects.

Mylifeaseva’s video is packed full of incredibly practical ideas that make so much sense. From creating simple elements to help keep your room tidy, to cheap and cheerful pillow covers, we are pretty confident you will find something that will help you transform your room. Reusing old items is always great way to keep costs down, and we love any video where you are told you can buy useful items to transform your room that cost less than a dollar!

With the cutest ‘girly’ hammer and a fluorescent green glue gun, we instantly know that MayBaby is a girl with a sense of fun, and that her ideas for room décor for teens will also be fun. Rather than overwhelming you with hundreds of great suggestions crammed into a few precious minutes, MayBaby has concentrated on three specific ideas, all of which we think will help to make your room look fab. The headboard really creates a brilliant focal point for your bedroom and is a great idea. You can then go wild with flower prints, or get color coordinated with a very handy fabric wall-mounted jewelry hanger, and then round it all off with some super-stylish 3-D flower pictures.

We know this last video, from Bethany Mota, is supposed to be all about spring cleaning, but the tips are great and it would be a shame not to share them with you in this fun-packed DIY-overload post. Besides, if cleaning your house was only ever done in springtime, by the time Christmas came around you would be knee-deep in dust and rubbish! From makeup, nail polish and jewelry organizers to spray painting old wooden lamps to give them a modern vibe, there is something for everyone here. With over 6 million views for this video alone, we suspect Bethany Mota is some form of DIY and décor goddess!

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