Graco High Chairs for Babies

Graco High Chairs

At the age of 6 month, your baby starts his first weaning step by trying solid food for the first time. It’s very hard for any mother to try feeding a baby with a spoon especially if this baby is used to breastfeeding for 6 months and doesn’t want to try a new thing. That’s why you have to create a good ambiance for your baby at this age to encourage him to eat, and this good ambiance begins with a comfortable baby high chair. Here, we present for all mothers this collection of high chairs from Graco to help you in your choice. Graco is a leading company in the field of baby products which always presents high quality products that offer more comfort for your baby. This collection of Graco high chairs includes many models and colors; it’s up to you to choose the color that you think could interest your baby, or simply according to the baby’s sex: pink is always perfect for baby girls. There are also uni-sex colors if you are planning to have a second baby like green and orange. Every seat is covered with a padded soft cover to ensure a tender texture for your baby skin and a comfortable seating. For the practical side; the backrest is reclining in 3 positions, the seat’s height is adjustable in 6 positions, easy moving with 4 wheels, 5 safety harness points, high stability for the chair thanks to a large wheelbase, and it easily stands once it’s folded. In addition to those benefits there is more; the adjustable tray attached to the seat can be washed in the dishwasher, and the removable cover is washable in any washable machine. It’s very important when you buy a baby product that would be used for a long time (at least one year for every baby), that you choose it carefully; look for the best materials for your baby skin, best quality to ensure durability, adjustability for your baby comfort and practicality for an easy usage.

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