Gothic Hairstyles for Women

Gothic Hairstyles for women

Today, I’ve decided to talk about the Gothic women, sorry I mean the Gothic hairstyles for women!!. In general, the Gothic hairstyles have been first introduced in the 18s and 19s century.. Then, the gothic hairstyles have been re-introduced in the 1980s and since then they’ve become very popular and trendy among the women all over the world.. So, you can say that they’ve turned from a local trend among the European and American women to a global trend among the women all over the world.. The gothic hairstyles are considered as representation of the romantic fantasy combined with some futurism look, that the main reason that they are timeless sort of as they’re always being updated to cope with that futurism look.. Before getting more deeper in what are those hairstyles, I’ve to just make a speedy look on the trendy hair colors and cuts for the Gothic or Goth hair… Concerning the Gothic hair colors, you can say that the black is the basic color for the gothic women’s hair beside other hair colors like; the grey, the pink, the red & the blonde.. Another thing to be said that the Gothic women may not dye their hair in one color but they may combine many different colors together to get that weird, funky and fantasy look.. Okay, now we’ve known about the hair colors, what about the haircuts?!!.. You can say that the Gothic woman as any other woman, specifically in that matter, she may have the long, the medium or the short haircuts… Don’t think that those haircuts would look like any other woman’s haircuts, of course not, they may have the same basics of the haircut but with more spices and touches of the Gothic thinking… So, let’s move to the Gothic hairstyles and discover them!!… One of the most famous Gothic hairstyles  for women are the Dark Rapunzel hairstyles or the Stick Straight hairstyles. Those hairstyles can be worn only with black hair. There are also the Vivid hairstyles which are the same as the Dark Rapunzel hairstyles but can be worn by other hair colors like; the blue, the pink, the green or red… Any Gothic woman can get any of those hairstyles by just using her straightener as it’s just a straight hair, nothing more!!. Another trendy Gothic hairstyles are the dreads!. Don’t wonder the dreads of the African-American women are being worn by the Gothic women… Beside the stick straight and dreads hairstyles, there are other hairstyles like the big hair or the bouffant hairstyles… The bouffant hairstyles are already known by their big look, but when being worn by the gothic women you may find them much bigger than any bouffant you saw or may see in your whole life.. There are also the Death-hawk hairstyles which have been considered as the Gothic reply on the regular spiky Mohawk hairstyles.. Gothic women also wear a hairstyle called the Uncle Fester hairstyle.. The uncle Fester hairstyle has been very trendy among the Gothic men, but the women took it and wore it, so simple!!!.. That hairstyle is based on shaving the whole hair but a tuft may be left in the front and be dyed in any Gothic colors.. There are also the Emilie hairstyles.. Those hairstyles are the Gothic form of the Victorian women ringlets hairstyles!. Yeah!, don’t wonder Gothic women have taken the elegant and glamorous Victorian hairstyle and turn it into some fantasy, punk and weird hairstyles.  They’ve worn those hairstyles in very brighten hair colors like; the orange, the pink and the red.. The last Gothic hairstyles to talk about are those bob hairstyles… Don’t ever think even for seconds that they’re like the regular women bob hairstyles… It can’t happen!!!.. Those gothic bob hairstyles have different meaning. Okay, honestly they may have the same basics of the bob hairstyles but with total different look.. Those hairstyles have some punk, fantasy and futurism look.. Women have worn them on the greyish blonde hair or the purple black hair or any other different weird combination of the colors.. The whole hairstyles mentioned above can be worn in any haircuts; the long, the medium or the short, with Gothic hairstyles the cut doesn’t matter as long as their ideas and personality are being expressed well. Okay, I know that there are much more Gothic hairstyles than those I’ve mentioned, but I may need days or may be years to talk about the whole Gothic women hairstyles, so I’ve just mentioned some of the famous and trendy Gothic women hairstyles. Before going I’ve something to end my post with, can I say it??!!. Of course, I can that’s my post!!… You mayn’t be a Gothic woman or girl and you can wear those Gothic hairstyles!!. May be in the Halloween party or in any weird or fantasy event!.. If you were one of the gothic women or girls, I don’t have anything to tell you except “Enjoy your funky and futurism look!!”….

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