Gothic Hairstyles for Men

Gothic Hairstyles for men

Are you a gothic man?!! or even just thinking to be one of them.. I can predict that you’ve already faced a problem with your gothic character.. You mayn’t have a problem with finding the suitable clothes or outfits for your gothic character, it can be a piece of cake for you!!.. On the contrary, you may face a problem with choosing or finding the suitable gothic hairstyles… Don’t panic!!, just come along with me to find out what can you do with your hair to suit your gothic character?!… The first thing that you need to know that you’re hair must be the completing piece of your Gothic look.. Since your Gothic manly look is based on your dramatic, fantasy, romantic and futurism looks towards the whole world you live in.. Then your hair must have the same features of your personality!!!. Don’t ask how is that?!, as you’re the expert here!!… Thus, you’ll find all of the Gothic hairstyles for men have the same features and may be more!!… You can have any haircut you want; the long, the medium and the short, but the long and the medium may be considered the best suitable for your Gothic look!. Concerning your Goth hair color, you ,or any Gothic man in general, have variable and different wild options when it comes to the hair colors.. You can have the black hair color which is the basic color of the Gothic character theme beside many other colors like; the red, blue, purple, pink grey or blonde; the wild blonde!!.. By now, the issues of hair colors and haircuts have been solved.. What about the hairstyles??!!, let’s find out… There are many trendy and popular gothic men hairstyles like; the Dark Rapunzel hairstyles, the Vivid hairstyles and the Combo hairstyles.. Those three hairstyles are the same hairstyle but the main difference is just in the hair colors nothing more.. The three hairstyles are the gothic form of the regular straight hairstyles, of course they’re still straight but with some gothic touches added to them. Another trendy Gothic hairstyles for men beside those three are the Huge hairstyles.. Those “Huge” hairstyles are simply the Gothic form of the backcombing hairstyles, but in the Gothic form they are much huger than any backcombing worn by any regular man..  Another Gothic hairstyles for men are the dreads!… Those dreads have been very popular among the men with long, medium haircuts. But you can also see them being worn by a man with short haircut, how ??!… I knew you’d ask me that question!!… In that case, the man leaves just long part of his hair unshaved and then braids it!!… Don’t stop reading there are more!!.. Gothic men can also wear the bob hairstyles on any length but also on the gothic look.. So, those Gothic bob hairstyles must have that dramatic, fantasy and wild looks.. Gothic men can play with hair colors, bangs or even by adding the dreads!!.. There are also the Death-hawk hairstyles which are so trendy and popular among the gothic men.. You can consider them the gothic version of the regular spiky Mohawk men hairstyles. Anyway, the last gothic  hairstyles to talk about are the bald head hairstyle… Don’t ever think that you or any gothic man will wear it without making any gothic touches.. No, you can add some gothic drawings on your bald head to be like a gothic finger print but on your head!!!… Whatever the gothic hairstyle that you may choose, you can go with it anywhere to your wedding, prom or anywhere as it’s become a part of your character and not just simple hairstyle!…

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