Give Your Valentine Warm Wishes You’ve Made Yourself!

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If you’re one of those “crafty” people, you probably love putting together handmade cards and décor for all kinds of holidays; even if you’re not normally crafty, however, Valentine’s Day often brings out the kid in all of us, along with the red paper, frills, and glitter. Here are some terrific ideas from Better Homes and Gardens ( for sweet messages you can give to those “sweeties” in your life. You can make accordion-folded lettering that says “I LOVE YOU” with a handy template and a few pieces of colored paper. If you love birds, use a “tweetheart” theme for a happy red bird singing best wishes, or pledge, “Owl always be your Valentine” with a wise owl made from cutout shapes. And, speaking of cutouts, they make fabulous effects on homemade cards.

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From a heart cutout with a pink-and-white pattern behind it to layers that depict a “whale” of a good time, or a “rocking” card made to look like the front of a guitar…the possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. Love to stitch, too? Take fabric or card stock and stitch a border around it for a truly classy look. Dig out your handy glue gun and attach felt, sequins, googly eyes (especially fun on “robot” or other kid-friendly cards), and fun-size candy bars, wrapped in foil, as special treats for your special someone. You can even make a scratch-off Valentine containing special hidden behind scratch-and-reveal hearts. So no matter if you’re adept with scissors, glue, and a needle, or just learning to craft, browse through these ideas for inspiration — and have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

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Written by Janet Butler

Janet W. Butler is a freelance writer, editor, and editorial consultant by day and a “small soprano” by night. An RWA Golden Heart Winner, she is the author of the inspirational romance From the Ashes (“the best little book no one’s ever heard of”), published by SANDS Publishing in 2001; and a romantic suspense, Voice of Innocence, from Desert Breeze Publishing. She is a Chicago native transplanted to northeast Indiana, where she lives with her husband, daughter, and Cassandra “Trouble” Butler, S.R.C. (Spoiled Rotten Cat).

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