Giuliana Rancic New Haircut 2013

Giuliana Rancic New Haircut 2013

Dear readers, can you tell me how many female stars have opted for a shoulder length bob haircut since 2013 started? Two, three or four? Umm, it seems that you are confused or something. What? You are! If so, let’s count them together: Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens, which means that the right answer is three. Let me tell you that you can absolutely increment this number! Aha, smart ladies, there’s another celebrity who has recently gone for a bob cut. Who is she? Where has she revealed her new do? These are the questions that we’re about to answer below.

The star whom we’re talking about is the gorgeous E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic. Yeah, pretties, she’s chopped off her long locks too! I’m pretty sure that many of you are going to say, “Oh no, what a big loss?!” Right? Okay, let me tell you that I totally disagree with you as I think that this new hairstyle makes Rancic look fabulous and so hot. And, I also think this hairstyle was one of the main reasons behind her stunning and glamorous look at the 2013 Oscars. By the way, that’s the place where Giuiliana showed off her new bobbed hair. I guess that there’s nothing more left for us to say, and now it’s your turn to tell us whether the anchor’s new hairdo deserves an A or not!



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