Girlfriend’s Amazing Transformation of Nissan Skyline GTR Car with Just a Sharpie Pen

Transformation of Nissan Skyline GTR Car with Just a Sharpie Pen 1


It is strange how fate can lead us down a path we never initially intended to follow. This is very much what happened to Collen Kelton after he was transferred with the US Military to Misawa, on the north of Honshu, Japan. Once settled with his girlfriend, he decided to buy a Nissan Skyline R33 GTR to modify and customize. His initial choice was a purple model, but after two unsuccessful attempts, he eventually settled on his second least-favorite color, and bought a silver 1995 model. The intention was to completely upgrade the interior and spray the exterior purple in what he refers to as a ‘Time Attack’ style. While in the early stages of deciding what to do, his then girlfriend and now his wife, Allison, asked if she could doodle over a scratch on the front bumper with a black Sharpie marker pen. Collen was quite happy with the idea as he had already determined the whole body was going to be re-sprayed anyway, so what harm could it do?

And that is when everything changed. Collen was so taken with what a remarkable job Allison had done with the bumper that they both agreed to continue with the artwork to see what the car might look like. The project name changed to ‘Lost Birds Time Attack’ and if you look at the images carefully you will see the occasional eye and head of what could only be described as a ‘peacock-like’ bird. As the project progressed Collen posted regularly updated images on a forum on Nico Club where Allison’s work received rave comments. Additionally, Collen posted a 90 second time-lapse video on YouTube showing 3 hours of Allison’s work on the fender. All in all it is estimated she spent over 100 hours working on the car, though nowhere could we find out how many Sharpie pens she got through. However for those of you who are wondering how the marker pen artwork doesn’t wash off, each section, when completed, was treated with a minimum of two clear lacquer coats for protection.










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