Geometric Modern House in Athens, by 314 Architecture Studio


Known for its distinguished classical architecture, Greece is the destination of choice for history buffs. To discover the precision of ancient structured forms blended with modern sensibility, you have to see H.3., a high-tech project by architectural design firm 314 Architecture Studio. Athens, the largest city in Greece, has become an expansive urban zone. H.3. represents the culmination of its creative aesthetic. With approximately 10,800 square feet of living area, it is effectively dwarfed by its 75,400 square foot lot.


In the center of rolling hills, this project symbolizes a truce in the constant battle between nature and technology where both now coexist gracefully. The organic features of the property continue onto the patio area with its green terrace adjacent to the pool. Side Note: Yiannis Aspra contributed an abstract sculpture that is located on the grounds.



This innovative design signifies a nouveau riche yacht afloat on serene Mediterranean waters. The silhouette of its clean lines against the distant vegetation is dazzling.



The owners of the house are devoted to aquatics and bio-centered designs, which the team delivered with panache. The home is laid out to capture and store solar and geothermal energy for eco-friendly operation.



The solar panels and spiral system heat the pool and generate electricity for the residence. A large patio area allows entertaining in both shade and sunshine.


The water feature is not only entertaining but also provides organic cooling. The breeze off the water is pushed to the design structure, effectively chilling the residence. The glass panels that direct airflow are set invisibly to prevent any distraction of attention from the design.



An eating area such as might be found on an exclusive cruiser has been carved out beside the patio doors . The home extends over the swimming pool on two load-bearing pillars. The isosceles trapezoid cutout along the sidewall mirrors the shape of the front of the home .



At dusk, the pool area reaps the benefit of submerged lighting that reflects off the starkness of the white exterior


In keeping with the goal of practicality, a network of shelving was placed against a large picture window to create an expansive bookshelf that mimics a natural web design.


The angular shapes in the design are echoed everywhere , and their tranquility makes for a luxurious ergonomic outdoor space.


The extensive lawn on the property is eco-friendly, utilizing rainwater drainage and circulation systems for irrigation. Under the wide, clear skies, on its carpet of lush green, H.3. glistens like the eighth wonder of the world.

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