Futuristic Washbasins For Small Bathrooms

Washbasins For Small Bathroom

If you are a fan of the futuristic style and you want to apply it in your small bathroom, this Rain collection from Axolo could inspire you through a variety of futuristic bathroom furniture designed especially for small spaces. The collection includes washbasins and storage units designed in unusual shapes and colors; washbasins are having a compact round shape made of stainless steel and placed on glass countertops in bright colors, under the washbasin, there is a useful storage unit in an innovative shape combining between being square and cylindrical on the sides, this unit is also made of high-polished stainless steel outside and glass inside; it looks very original and can accommodate a lot of bathroom stuff. We can notice in this collection the usage of the minimalist style in geometric shapes, sharp lines and lack of details, which matches with the general futuristic atmosphere of the bathroom powered by the usage of daring glass colors such as strong green and orange, the colorful light integrated in the countertops enriches this futuristic atmosphere and creates a beautiful look.

Minimalist Washstand for small bathroom Rain by Axolo 1Minimalist Washstand for small bathroom Rain by Axolo 2Minimalist Washstand for small bathroom Rain by Axolo 3

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