Funny Kids’ Bath Toys’ Storage Container from Boon

As a mom, one of my favorite times and most enjoyable is while giving my child his bath; it’s his funniest time when he plays in the water by his bath toys. But after the bath, I always find it difficult to collect all of those toys and the most annoying thing is that I can’t find a place around the bathtub to store all of these toys. Now with this creative solution from Boon, we are never going to face this problem; this amazing product called -Frog Pod- or -Bug Pod- is the best solution that will collect all bath toys and even soap and shampoos in only one place in a very practical and cool way. The product is having whether the shape of a frog or a bug, it can be easily hanged to the wall as its base sticks to the wall simply without any nails. On this base there is a removable vessel making the body shape of the frog or the bug, this vessel is where you will collect all your baby bath toys, and on the base you can hang shampoos and soaps. When it’s time for a bath, you will easily remove the vessel and empty its contents in the bathtub so your child enjoys his warm bath playing by his cute toys. After the bath you simply collect the toys in the vessel, then open the water on it to wash toys and then hang it again on the base; thanks to several holes in the vessel, water will easily fall in the bathtub and leave your child’s toys clean and gathered in one place. The cute look of this vessel will invite your child to collect his toys in it as he will consider it as a toy itself.

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