16 Funny Illustrations Women Will Relate To

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Women face a lot of challenges every day. One of these challenges is the desire to look like models on magazine covers but the expectation vs. reality is something that women know quite well and have to live with. Life is hard, but sharing what troubles us and making fun of it is what makes it all worth it. Sometimes, we need not to take things too seriously.

This is what Bella Sriwantana does. She draws funny illustrations that all women can relate to from frantically looking for your mobile phone when you have it in your hands to ruining the t-shirt of your boyfriend in what is supposedly a romantic moment. Bella Sriwantana has more than 104k followers on Instagram and she has shared more than 331 posts. Here, we share some of her funny illustrations that women will surely enjoy.

Women, enjoy Bella’s funny illustrations:

#1 The moment when you’re frantically searching for your mobile phone

We all know the terror of not finding your precious mobile phone. We’ve all experienced it at least once, and more times than we can possibly remember.

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Image Credit: Funny Illustrations from Bella

#2 We have strong willpower, but only in the morning.

Every day, we say this is the day I’m going to take care of myself. This is the day I change my diet and eat healthy food. In the evening, we all say, but we only live once.

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#3 Expectation Vs. Reality

We follow guides, tutorials, and videos to the letter, but somehow we end up looking nothing like we expected. Somebody, please help us get it right.


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#4 When you try hard, but someone else looks better without even trying 😂

Yes, all women request eyelashes exchange program.


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#5 Your poor boyfriend.

This moment when you’re about to fall asleep while holding your phone, and it suddenly slips and hits you in the face.

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#6 The art of not saying exactly what you mean.

Tomorrow, I will start a diet and tomorrow never comes.

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#7 Women don’t need help. They simply pretend because they enjoy getting help 🤣

Help me please! This is too heavy.

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#8 The unexpected or expected challenges of doing the dishes.

Never underestimate what a teaspoon can do.

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#9 Popeye knows that spinach grows muscles, but it can also do so much more.

After cooking spinach, it has a tendency to disappear.

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#10 It’s a pity no one knows you try so hard to look your best because they never get to see you looking your best.

“This is how I was supposed to look today before the forces of nature ganged up against me.”


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#11 Not everyone takes great photos.

Appreciate the ones who do.

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#12 Noting good ever comes out of being tagged in photos.

If only family and friends tag you in photos that you like.

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#13 When you want anything, but what you really want is nothing, or maybe everything.

Just tell your poor boyfriend exactly what do you want?

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#14 The art of taking your cooking to the next level.

Who said you can’t add whatever you like?

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#15 Expectation Vs. Reality

Nothing is ever as it seems in movies.

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#16 Expectation Vs. Reality

What you think you ordered and what it really looks like, every single time.

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Bella Sriwantana’s funny illustrations about women are so relatable. You can follow Bella on Instagram for more illustrations about the challenges and funny situations that women face every single day. If you love to see more relatable illustrations, you can check Paula Kuka‘s illustrations about women. Meant for entertainment only, illustrations are our way to see women’s challenges from a different perspective. It’s our way to not take the world too seriously and have some fun about some of our silliest mistakes.

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