Funny Dogs Wake Up their Owners [Video]

Dog Wake Up

So what do you like first thing in the morning? More sleep, a cup of tea, breakfast in bed? Maybe some of you are lucky enough to get to choose what you want, but others don’t. It is perhaps through videos like these we get to understand just how important we are to our four-legged friends, and their start to their day is certainly a lot more enthusiastic than ours. These wonderfully loyal dogs are only interested in one thing, waking you up so that they can get to play with you. However in their self-obsessed drive to achieve their end goal, these great dogs just don’t understand the concept that we humans don’t wake up instantly and jump out of bed the way dogs do. We don’t bounce around with endless energy within 2 seconds of being woken from a deep sleep. In truth we just don’t have the same get up and go, and we just haven’t even got the will to explain this to our dear dogs.

That being said, if you are a dog lover there aren’t many better ways to be woken in the morning unless you are a real grouch. These dogs mean no malice and they just want you to be an active part of their life. Watching you lying there and sleeping is not part of their daily plan, and they are not shy in coming forward and letting you know this fact. We were amazed watching the chocolate Labrador and how it knew that to get its owner up, it had to push his legs round until they were out of the bed. Some dogs just couldn’t help themselves and could only bounce all over the place in the hope it would provoke some form of favorable reaction – unfortunately the usual reaction being less than favorable! And our favorite ‘wake-up call’ definitely had to be the Malamute which was being teased with a laser pen shining on his owner’s duvet!

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