Funny Cow Nail Art Design

Cow Nail Art Design

Clearly nail art is high on the list of fashionable topics at the moment. Within a few hours of posting a selection of feather nail art photos on our Facebook page we had over 100k likes. However what also caught our eye was a photograph posted in the comments underneath the post by Ismail Liamsi Bugatti. When we saw it we laughed so much at the ingenuity of a really clever nail art cow design, and straight afterwards we were scurrying through the vaults of YouTube to find you a cool and easy-to-follow video on how to create this great design. Bingo! Thanks to a brilliant 90 second video from Creativenailart who had posted a cow nail art tutorial, we found just what we were looking for and just what we hope you need.

Just like so many nail art designs, they always look so much more scary and complicated than they really are. Additionally, you are probably thinking you need to have a very steady hand to do such intricate work. Well trust us when we say that the hand that did the art in this tutorial was definitely not steady as a rock, though it wasn’t really shaking like a leaf either! If you don’t know your cows, this style is of a Friesian, best known and recognized for its black and white markings. They are dairy cows, but don’t worry, you won’t find any milk dripping off your fingertips once you have finished the design. Oh, and before you start worrying about not knowing what nail polish you will need for this design, Creativenailart kindly put a shopping list for you under the video, so you now have all you need to get creative yourself!

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