Flora by Gucci

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Gucci got you a collection of flora’s fragrance, because one edition is not enough for the sexy hypnotizing fragrance, so they created three editions that differ in their intensity so you’d be able to have the effect you’d love & feel comfortable to, so you can wear it all day long with joy. You’ll find the Gucci floral fruity fragrance in; Flora eau fraiche with “top notes of crunchy green accord, heart notes of rose & osmanthus flower & base notes of sandalwood”, Flora eau de toilette & Flora eau de parfum with “top notes of citrus mandarin accords & peony, heart notes of rose & osmanthus flower & base notes of pink pepper & sandalwood”. You can be different & feel different with Flora fragrances collection that also comes in other forms than perfume bottles like; perfumed shower gel, perfumed body lotion, perfumed deodorant, purse spray or satin body cream. This is how Gucci makes Flora stay with you in your bedroom, bathroom & on your makeup table.

flora by gucci 01

flora by gucci 02

flora by gucci 03

flora by gucci 04

flora by gucci 05

flora by gucci 06

flora by gucci 07

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flora by gucci 09

flora by gucci 10

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flora by gucci 12

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