First Birthday Cake Smash Moments

First Birthday Cake Smash Moments 8


When you have your child’s first birthday rapidly approaching, what do you do? One is an awkward age for birthdays. Your child understands the concept of excitement and fun, but not what a birthday is. So, you want to get them lots of presents, if more for you than your child to mark the special day. You’ve thought about having a big party with a clown and lots of jelly. But then who wants a house full of screaming infants all afternoon? It is difficult, because you want to do something really special for your child. After all, this is a momentous occasion. This is the first of many birthdays they are going to have. But now, at last, there is something that can combine everything you want from the day, and everything your child will love too. So what is it? A first birthday cake smash!


And if you are wondering what a first birthday cake smash involves, the clue is in the title. That’s right. This is probably the only time in their life where your child will have the freedom to just dive in and destroy their birthday cake. This is now a very popular concept offered by 11 Sixteen Photography, based in Richmond, Virginia. We have fifteen of their photo montages to show you why this particular way of celebrating a birthday has become such an internet ‘smash’. What better way to share the day’s great event with everyone by posting a wonderful array of ‘tasteful’ professional photographs in social media pages after the event. When you have a look at all these fun examples you can’t help but realise what a brilliant idea the first birthday cake smash is. Is there a single photograph of a child looking anything less than overjoyed at the occasion? After all, as a one-year-old child, everyone knows this is exactly the correct way to eat cake! And as for sharing, well maybe that can wait for next year, or perhaps the year after…..














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