Field Jackets For Men

If you want to have a unique jacket in winter that will make you warm and trendy in a classy look, then try buying a field jacket. Field jackets were originally worn by the military during wars. Field jackets have a certain look of its own, but now many trendy divisions of its original look are made. Field jackets are great for full warmth and protection; they have zippered fronts that can have flaps on them. Most field jackets have a known pocket form that has big pockets to store your things, two chest pockets and two hand pockets, but some other divisions can have different pocket styles, pockets can be vertical, horizontal or inclined, snap flap pockets are mostly seen in this style. Field jackets can be considered short jackets having their length at about waist or hip line; but recently, longer divisions are available having lengths at about knee length and buttoned snap flaps over zips. Field jackets are made of cotton, nylon, polyester, leather or wool. Some field jackets can have hoods with fur linings to give extra warmth, and they can also have different internal linings that are mostly made of polyester. Field jackets are available in different colors that are great in the winter and can be worn with different styles according to your preference.

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