Fendi Kids Clothing Shoes 2011

Fendi Kids Clothing

Take a look at this collection of classy shoes and accessories for kids presented by Fendi. The collection is mainly dedicated for boys except for one girlish leather slipper which looks so stylish in beige & brown; its belting is printed with Fendi logo and decorated by some girlish patterns (butterflies, fishes, hearts…) dangling from the belting and looking like jewels. Shoes and sneakers for boys are made of suede leather with the same Fendi logo print in beige and brown; chic, classy and comfortable. As for the accessories; Fendi offers for boys nice hats and belts; beige & brown hats in Fendi logo print are 100% made of cotton and available in sizes from 4 to 12 years. The belt is very elegant; made of leather in beige & brown with yellow touches and metal Fendi logo on front. The belt is available in two sizes only: 4 and 5 years.

Fendi Kids Clothing ShoesFendi Kids Clothing Shoes 1Fendi Kids Clothing Shoes 2

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