Female Maplestory Hairstyles

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Have you heard about the “Maplestory world”??!!… If the answer is “Yes”, then I won’t tell you to skip the post!!.. If it’s “No”!!, then come with me to discover what’s that world and it’s relation to the female hairstyles and female faces!!.. So, let’s go in a virtual tour in that world.. The main question is “What are the MapleStory world??!!”, I think that’s the base of our post, so I need to clarify it very well… Maple-Story is a Korean, free-to-play 2D online game or virtual world which are being played by multiplayers.. So, what do those players make??!!… In the maple-story game, the players are defeating the monsters and hunt them.. The players can communicate with each and make groups of themselves to hunt those monsters.. Also, the players can upgrade their characters’ looks and skills. There are four categories for those characters; Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Heroes, and Resistance and your character can be included under any one of those categories.. Another thing to say that the players can be either female or male with any age, from any country as it really doesn’t matter it’s virtual game!!!.. So, we’ve known what is the maple story world game!!?? from the technical side.. But do we talk technically??!!, the answer is no, our post is about fashion and comes from fashion and will stay sync with fashion!…. So, let’s try to discuss it from the fashion point of view.. Okay!!. We have known many things that would help us to do so.. First, we have known that the maple-story world game is like a virtual world managed by its players, I think that world must contain hairdressers to create the hairstyles for the characters… Second, since the game is being played by different persons then logically there would be different looks and hairstyles… There are very stylish and trendy hairstyles for both the females and males. Here, I’ll concentrate on the females players… The virtual female hairstyles that exist in the maple story world are very trendy and stylish hairstyles and that allows you to keep on your stylish look on the reality and virtually!!…. Some of those virtual female hairstyles are; the straight hairstyles, the spiky hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the curly hairstyles. Beside those you can also find the ponytails with all of their different and stylish styles.. You can also find the different bob hairstyles, the different styles of the buns, the Afro hairstyles, the pixie-cut hairstyles and the braids hairstyles. I forgot to tell you that all of those hairstyles for all the different haircuts; the long, the medium and the short haircuts.. You can also find different hair colors like; the blonde, the black, the brunette and any other preferred color. Also, you can find all the different facial shapes like; the oval, the square, the round…etc. So, that game makers have tried as much as they can to keep on your fashion sense as much as possible… So, you can kill the monsters with your best stylish look… At the end, I’ve to tell just kill the monsters not just by your weapons but also by your elegant virtual styles.

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 01

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 02

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 03

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 04

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 05

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 06

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 07

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 08

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 09

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 10

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 11

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 12

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 13

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 14

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 15

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 16

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 17

Female Maplestory Hairstyles 18

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