Father’s Fascinating Time-Lapse Photos of Son Taken Daily Over Four Years

Dad Takes Photo of Son Every Day Over 4 Years 1


So, your name’s Steve and you have a newborn son called Ray. For the last four years you have been taking a daily photograph of yourself which you admit was an idea you borrowed from another person who had posted the results on YouTube. And then the idea strikes you that if you are going to take a daily photo of yourself, why not do the same with your son. Well we’ve seen the stop-motion video of you ageing and basically, over eight years, you don’t. There is many a man, and woman come to think of it, who will be eternally jealous that you seem to have got your hands on the elixir of life. Anyway, enough about Steve as it is Ray we are more interested in. What a brilliant legacy to leave your son and what fun he will have when he looks back at his early formative years, meticulously caught on camera by his dad.

The advantage young Ray has over his dad is that at the start of this stop-motion project, you know the results are going to be visually striking. Babies change a great deal, turning into young children over the first four years of life. What is also quite fun with this project as an outsider looking in is the fact that if a photograph is taken every day, then there is no getting away with allowing your kid to wear the same clothes for more than one day! We really did like this kind of stop-motion as it has shown the subtle changes over the passage of time, all crammed into one three-minute video. We also realized towards the end that Steve has a great sense of mischief about him and a very wicked sense of humor. We don’t want to give the game away, so all we can do is tell you to keep your eyes peeled at around 2m23sec of the video…..


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