Fashion Trends for Women – Comic-Cosmic

Balenciaga was inspired by Blade Runner, we suggest you do the same! The action hero has made a huge comeback this season, resulting in futuristic shapes, lots of metallic and lots of figurative prints. You can take inspiration from pretty much anything going from sci-fi to comics and everything in between. There are subtle references like silver coated jeans or more direct references like a comic printed on a sweater or t-shirt. The choice is left completely up to you, the only guideline is to keep it simple. Don’t go co(s)mic from head to toe; rather choose one item to be the eye catcher and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Famous bloggers like Chiara Ferragni from or Andy Torres from show you how it’s done. Both of them have repeatedly shown this trend on their respective blogs and as pointed out here previously, they keep the rest of their looks simple so the co(s)mic item of their choice gets to stand out.

Usually black is a really good color to use for the rest of your outfit. Whether you choose a galaxy print legging or a comic print sweater; if combined with basic black pieces your co(s)mic garment will pop exactly the way you want it to. When it comes to accessories, shoes and bags, you can be a little more playful. Look at the eye catcher of your outfit – i.e. your co(s)mic piece – and pick one of the colors used here. This way you could end up with silver shoes or a silver handbag; pieces which might be difficult to combine with any other outfit but go perfectly with this trend! For the comic trend, colors like yellow, blue, red, black and white will be the colors to look out for. For the cosmic trend, you should think of colors like pink, purple, blue, black and white. Whether your inspiration was E.T. or Roy Lichtenstein, you will look equally stylish.

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