Fantastic 3D Galaxy Bedding Sets

Fantastic 3D Galaxy Bedding Sets 5


Isn’t it amazing how progress in our modern technological world has changed our lives in so many ways? Who would have thought that the invention of the radio telescope, one that allows us to see so much further into space, to be able to make out all the incredible constellations, would allow us to….have a really cool looking bed. Yes, at Stylish Eve we’re pretty sure that the first time these new constellations were discovered, nobody turned round and said “Hey, these would look really cool as matching bed linen.” Well does it really matter? We think not as these images are truly amazing, Instead of going to bed and looking at the stars through the window, you can now look at them on your pillow or duvet. There might be one slight problem with them though, and that is they look so great, so how will you be able to get to sleep when all you want to do is explore outer space?


These bed linen sets are the inspirational work of Jail Betray, a North American designer, who first started using the galaxy images on clothing, but was asked if she could make a bedding set as well. After some trial and error she eventually found a printer who could recreate high-definition images on fabric. What we particularly like about these bed linen sets is the different background colors. You would think that space really had to be black, but why should it? After all, these sets aren’t going to be hung in the Smithsonian Museum, so maybe a little poetic license is allowed with the colors. Somehow the orange lends a wonderful warm glow, while the turquoise-blue adds a clean and fresh look. The blues are definitely the most popular choice though with three different shades, so why not spoil yourself and get more than one set?








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