Fantastic 20-Month-Old Boy Enjoying a Dance with His Dad

20 Month Old Baby Enjoying a Dance with His Dad

Ask most people what they like to do first thing in the morning and they will probably tell you they would just have a cup of coffee or tea, and chill for a few minutes. Well it would seem that doesn’t figure on the radar of Domink Hungr, who lives in Brno, Czech Republic. Instead, a bit of jamming and breakdancing seems to be on the menu for Dominik and his 20-month-old son, Nikosek, who he refers to as ‘lil man’. Ignoring what is actually going on and looking at the bigger picture, isn’t it just lovely to see a father and son sharing some quality time together? So many of us are just so busy we don’t notice life passing us by and our children growing up. On their eighteenth birthday we look at them and wonder where the hell all the time went. Perhaps that isn’t going to happen with Dominik and Nikosek and they will spend many happy hours together.

What about young Nikosek? Here is a very intuitive and active young man who, at just 20 months, seems to be quite advanced for his age. Okay, we hear thousands of you screaming your children were just as advanced at that age – we are not trying to start a breakdancing or jamming competition for 20-month-old children, it is just our impression of the young boy! We are also very much aware of just how much fun he is having emulating his father’s ‘cool moves’, though we think he still has a way to go before he can start gyrating on his back! All in all this is a great video for inspiring all you fathers out there who may be stuck for ideas as to what to do with your kids. We’re pretty confident that anything you do with them will make them happy as time is the most precious gift you can give any of your children.

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