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To prepare you for formal occasions, Stylish Eve presents a collection of evening outfits based on long dresses. The variety in these collages emphasizes that the right formal dress is appropriate to the occasion, compliments your figure and coloring, and works with the accessories you wear. Most of these outfits are black tie. The purple lace-up back and the yellow floral organza might be equally happy at black-tie-optional events, but the glorious pastel mixture with the woven strapless top could go anywhere; and the periwinkle ball gown and red V-neck would shine at a white tie event.


Given the events at which these dresses will appear, you will not be surprised to notice that the shoes we selected are all high-heeled. You can expect a lot of walking (from limos or parking lots, up stairs or down corridors) and standing (in reception lines and cocktail chatter, waiting for your car or your seat at the table). When choosing your pumps, don’t heed your vanity: your high heels must be comfortable! Something else you’ll notice is that we have suggested a clutch with each of these outfits. If yours has an optional chain or strap, remember that it is a mistake to keep a strap on your shoulder for very long if your shoulder is bare.

Finally, choose your jewelry (unless it is diamonds) in a color that’s right for your dress, and select even diamond jewelry in a style that finishes your look. Do you want your shoes to match your bag or back off and let it shine? Is the focal point of your outfit your jewelry or your dress? If your hair is the centerpiece, forget bracelets and go for a barrette or tiara. Should attention to your jewelry be paid to a conversation piece ring or to heirloom earrings? (For most women, it’s a bad idea to wear both… too noisy.) Do you want your accessories to boost the effect of your dress, as a glittering bag and jewels will do with a glittering dress? Or do you want them to tone it down, the way suede can do with satin? P.S. Pearls are always an excellent choice, but admittedly better with some gowns than with others, according partly to the design of your pearl ornaments.

Choosing the perfect finishing touches is not necessarily hard but it deserves careful thought. If you’re a beginner, don’t take chances; complete your look with matching colors and conservative styles, avoid metallics, and seek out expert advice (like Stylish Eve’s) while you gain experience. All the outfits in our evening dress collection are perfect, and with just a little customizing, any of them can be perfect for you.










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