Etro Resort 2013 Collection

Simple, soft, colorful and eye catching, that’s how I can describe the new released Etro Resort 2013 womenswear collection. The main designer behind that 2013 resort wear for women is Veronica Etro. I can hear some of you saying; “What is the new thing in that?! It’s a well known thing”. Okay, I know that Veronica Etro is the main designer of any womenswear collection released by the famous fashion house Etro, but i said that for those who might not know this info. Anyway, enough argument with you virtually and let me continue, lol! When you take a look at that Etro resort 2013 womenswear collection, you can see that it doesn’t contain many items like the other resort collections such as; Chanel or Bottega Veneta. I don’t know why so? but maybe Veronica wanted to see the reactions and then decide to continue on the same path or not! Nothing’s defined till now and I’m just guessing. In that 2013 resort wear for women of Etro, Veronica has relied like usual on using the bright, vibrant and cheerful colors such as; vibrant blue, white and purple.

Concerning the fabrics, Veronica Etro has used the light and easy to wear fabrics. Let me not forget to tell you that most of the fabrics used have been full of prints; specifically the colorful, yet sophisticated and elegant prints which can be considered sort of vintage as they have the same look of the same fabrics used back in the 70s era while the other fabrics have been monochrome. From those light fabrics and bright colors, Veronica has managed herself to present a punch of elegant and sophisticated items that many women would like to wear. One of the main items that the Etro resort 2013 collection for women presented is blouses. The blouses are of those items which are made of the colorful, printed fabrics. Actually, from my personal point of view, those blouses have very eye catching and chic looks. Besides blouses.

Etro resort wear 2013 collection has presented tops and short slim, sleeveless dresses which have been also made of the fabrics which are full of prints. Both of the tops and blouses have been matched with slim and sort of cropped trousers which come in the monochrome bright colors like; white and vibrant blue. Besides all of those stunning and colorful cloth items, Veronica Etro hasn’t forgotten to also present some accessories for you, my dear woman such as; earrings and necklaces. That’s besides matching all of the last mentioned items with different styles of sandals. Hence, you can say that Etro resort 2013 womenswear collection has taken care of your whole look from top to toe! What a catgut collection, isn’t it? It may be small, but still catgut. I think that all of us can look in a very stunning and elegant, yet sexy way in 2013 by sporting any piece of that Etro resort 2013 womenswear collection. So, wish us all joy, happiness, elegance and chicness!!

Etro Resort 2013 1

Etro Resort 2013 2

Etro Resort 2013 3

Etro Resort 2013 4

Etro Resort 2013 5

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