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Emmy Rossum Hairstyles 12

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Do you have a long dark hair? Yes? Do you want to dress it as attractively as possible? yes? All righty, then. Consider today your lucky day. Why? Because we are about to present a collection of dos modeled over the years by one of the most famous, gorgeous, brunette stars in Hollywood. Who? She is the actress, singer, and songwriter Emmy Rossum. What first comes to mind when I mention the star’s hairstyles? Is it the updo? The curly look? Either answer would be right. The Inside actress has stunned us with her updos for a long time—chignons, buns, top knots, twists, braids, curls, and combos. On the other hand, she’s also charmed us with straight, curly, wavy, and messy flowing styles. What a great source of inspiration she is!

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Besides all the updos and flowing dos, the “Slow Me Down” singer has sported other hairstyles such as the half up/half down dos. Can any long-haired woman resist the panache of a ponytail or the beauty of a braid? Nope. That’s exactly what our multi-talented star has demonstrated from the beginning. Which styles of ponytails and braids has she preferred? The following pictures have the answers. Considering how to imitate her success, what is the missing piece? Right…suitability. Each successful style works for our beloved actress because it enhances the shape of her face and the characteristics of her hair. You can do the same and wait for compliments on your elegant and sexy look. To achieve the effects you want, Dear Reader, remember two things: patience and practice.

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